In house services

If you answered yes to any of the questions, allow me to help you make the best of your life by introducing you to this special coaching sessions:

Life Coaching

Every once a month you can join coach-lead and motivational discussions on key development areas, hosted on my discussion boards. The clinic focuses on how to identify setbacks in your life, improving relationships, identifying and knowing yourself, including the "Invisible Trailer" and much more. These discussions are targeted at women, parents and youth and are scheduled for one or half day sessions for groups of 10-50 at different venues.

Team Coaching

Getting your team to pull together! If team members work together the experience can be exciting however, if they are pulling in different directions, the experience can be devastating. Get to know the members of your team, their preferences and interests and assign the right roles and resources to them.


While we utilise various programmes and tools in training, development and staff issues, we pride ourselves in customising our material to suit each client's unique requirements. In order to achieve this benefit, we hold prior discussions with the key role-players and obtain agreement as to the desired outcome prior to conducting any workshops.

We facilitate the following: Change management, stress management, corporate social investment, report writing, time management, community development\relations, organisational behaviour, career development, performance management review, and study and life skills.

Inspirational and motivational speaking

Do you have an event that requires a program director or inspirational speaker? I deliver warm and encouraging messages with a desired outcome of moving audiences to action. I also do workshops and seminars that last for 3-7 hours for parents, schools, youth, women groups, churches, social groups and radio programmes. Bookings are necessary to check availability

Brain profiling

This essential assessment provides vital information on how our brains prefer to think. Each brain is unique. The information received from the assessment is used to allow the individual to:

  • Understand themselves better
  • Improve their lifestyle, relationship, parenting and leadership style
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Sportsmen and women will be able to develop the mental 'whole brain edge' in their sport
  • Students will gain insight into choosing the best course of study
  • Resolve conflicts in their personal as well as professional life
  • Receive the best guidance in choosing a new career.

Brain gym (Neuro-Intergration Movements Workshops)

Brain Gym is a series of simple and enjoyable exercises that we use to help students, young children and adults to enhance their experience of whole-brain learning. These exercises make learning easier, and are especially effective with academic skills. Benefits:

  • Exercises address failure by motivating, enticing, and reinforcing learning
  • Make an improve in some learners "when they switch off" the brain integration mechanisms necessary for learning
  • Assist students who are unable to express what is learnt during the exams and tests "the failure syndrome"
  • Enable students to make better use innate learning potential
  • Targeted at all individuals young or old


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